So You Want to Be a Yoga Teacher? (Part 3)

Now you've completed your RYT-200 training and are a Registered Yoga Teacher... Now What?

With the nonstop overflow of newly certified RYT-200 graduates, it's less significant that you have one due to the commonality of it.  That doesn't have anything to do with YOU as a teacher, however it does mean you may need to consider some continuing education.  Whether it's finding a mentorship program with your studio and/or your 200hr trainer for further refinements, there's many options.  For instance, I knew I wanted to be a Yin teacher and this led me into a Yin Yoga TT for 70hrs with one my regular teachers and it gave me that bit of a 'niché' on my resume.  Although one may think it'll be a walk on the mat to acquire a job as a teacher, only a select handful manage to break ground straight out of their initial 200hr.  in fact, the amount of teachers seeking work (even volunteer work) is significantly higher in relation to what is available to them. 

When I started teaching right away, I wasn't able to find any paid work and decided I would take absolutely any teaching opportunities I could even if I wasn't being financially compensated... I needed that practice to get my feet wet and my words fluid.

Teaching volunteer/karma yoga is one of the most satisfying forms of service and being able to do it through your love of yoga is a win/win scenario.  Depending on your financial situation and working scenario, it will be most likely you could start with 1 or 2 weekly volunteer classes at your local community centre or gym.  in Vancouver, BC where I live, the Robert Lee YMCA is usually where ALL newer teachers start out (I was with them for 2.5 years regularly!). 

After you begin feeling more confident and steeped in your voice as a teacher, holding the space for your students of all backgrounds etc. then you will be more prepared for teaching in a studio setting.  Some teachers go right into studio teaching and succeed with the right luck, timing and natural teaching ability.  In order to teach for a studio, you will need insurance and CPR.  Insurance can be invested in through different places and I would suggest Lackner-Mclellan in Ontario and for CPR you can take a 1 day course or even a 2hr session which is warrant for 1 year.

You will either have a traditional interview with the studio manager or director of the business you approach and/or an audition.  Most auditions in my experience have been where you will teach a very short sample of the style you are wanting to get hired for.  These samples are max 7 minutes and sometimes as short as 4-5 minutes!  Come prepared and ready to present your teaching with confidence, inclusivity and diversity. 

You want to ensure your prospective employers that not only do you have a strong committed practice when leading your audition, but also when your the student for your fellow teachers you would be auditioning with!  Everything you will be saying and doing in the auditions are an opportunity to demonstrate your worthiness for being hired by the studio/gym etc. your applying with.

Most studio positions will highly prefer (not limited too) teachers who've taught for 2 years already and understand the concepts and dynamics of leading public drop-in classes. 

Now, if you were to approach a more corporate teaching setting... thats a different clientele and environment!  You have the ability to either reach out to your business relationships that may either seek or already have a program set up.  This can allow you to also set your own rate unless they are firm in the budget they can afford for your services.  There are also corporate yoga businesses which hire you and they set up everything which means you just go to the businesses office location and show up to teach those employees.  This usually will mean you are set at a flat rate by your corporate yoga provider with little to no room for financial advancement.

With regards to expected financial compensation as a teacher, it can vary significantly especially where you live and the establishment of the industry in the city/town.  For teachers just starting out with under 2 years of experience you will most likely earn $25-40 per class taught (gyms tend to pay less, studios tend to pay more but not necessarily).  Once you've been teaching 2+ years & consideration of development i.e. hours of teaching/education and your class numbers etc. your studio director may recognize this and automatically raise your rate.  You also might approach the matter on your own and ask to renegotiate your contract and clearly addressing why you deserve a higher compensation for your services.

It seems the average standard pay rate for teachers varying 3+ years is roughly $45 per class or hour and can eventually increase to a max of $50.  These numbers are not fully set in stone, nor am I saying every single teacher is being compensated at this amount, there are always exceptions and higher amounts are able to be earned over time, commitment and seniority etc.


Through my own evaluation of general salary ranges as a Full-Time teacher, here is what I calculated based on a 15 and 20 class weekly schedule: 

☆ at $45/15 classes = 32.4k / 43.2k

☆ at $50/15 classes = 36k / 48k 


The above bolded numbers are a fair range of where your earning potential could eventually be with the right set up as a teacher.

The below numbers are not nearly as realistic, however anything is possible with the optimal opportunities you may acquire

☆ at $55/15 classes = 39.6k / 52.8k

☆ at $60/15 classes = 43.2k / 57.6k

☆ at $65/15 classes = 46.8k / 62.4k

☆ at $70/15 classes = 50.4k / 67.2k

☆ at $75/15 classes = 54k / 72k

☆ at $80/15 classes = 57.6k / 76.8k

☆ at $85/15 classes = 61.2k / 81.6k

☆ at $90/15 classes = 64.8k / 86.4k

☆ at $95/15 classes = 68.4k / 91.2k

☆ at $100/15 classes = 72k / 96k

With all the information I've provided to you, this is more than enough for one to digest for hours.  What I hope my writing has been able to instil within you is a sense of reassurance and confidence toward the conscious decision of embarking on a teaching career in yoga.  There are many other subjects and topics which I could discuss in the future, but this will give you the main facts and allow you to discern the key components that you want to apply when investing in this direction.


And now a little bit about me!

We all start with different intentions and processes in our Self-Care via Health+Fitness+Wellness and for me personally I wanted to feel connected with a like minded and unified community through common activity.  Yoga happened to be one that appealed to me as a late Teenager and after throwing my anxious erratic 18 Y/O Self into the studio, I knew I had began a path that would bring me where I knew I was looking to be.

My passion and voice in my teaching comes from the most inward depths of my own life experience and wisdom, I don't speak from a place outside of what I know or think I understand. 

When I decided to embark toward my first Yoga Teacher Training, I knew my intention from the get go... to make this a full time sustainable passion/career/lifestyle in one.  I never have and never will view yoga as a place for the "Physical" Asana as the standalone or primary emphasis.  When people ask me why I started and continue to discover myself with Yoga, it is for the emotional/mental/spiritual and energetic tethering that keeps me inspired to keep practicing and teaching others.

What I have been explaining above here is called "Dharma" - the WHY and the purpose behind the voice and identity of what being a "Yoga Teacher" exemplifies for me as a human being in this world.

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Hiiro Prince puts an emphasis on an unconventional, nurturing, healing, honest, liberating, laughter-filled, down to Earth practice. His unique fusion of therapeutic restorative and yin:yang incorporates a gentle, dynamic, intuitive, hands-on approach.  He always sees the yoga mat as raw blank canvas, a creative playground like an open artist studio – except it’s a yoga studio!

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