​S​o You Want to Be a Yoga Teacher? (Part 1)

It seems everybody is in love with the healing movement and stillness that gets associated with 'Yoga'.

While there certainly is that component and very much more between the lines, the ability to become a certified teacher is easier and more accessible than ever.  The industry is flooded with opportunities and new teachers continue to share this lineage and discipline with the general public, Corporate settings and 1-on-1 private clients.

As a Full Time and actively teaching Yoga, Spin and Pilates Teacher in Vancouver, many fellow peers slightly newer than I am (4 years) in the field have come to me seeking how I managed to succeed.

Here are my personal tips on how to get started:

1) WHO?
Find a teacher whom you strongly resonate with both in and out of the yoga room. Is this trainer and Mentor someone you want to learn from and are they equally invested in YOU long-term versus only in the 200 hour they are with you? Of course there is a boundary and scope of practice between teacher and teacher trainee, however, you will intuitively begin to further discern if the head facilitator is someone who understands your way of learning and integrating versus them being phenomenal teachers but not within your individual alignment.

2) WHAT:
A lot of people tell me they just need to start teaching yoga.  Okay, fabulous no doubt... but especially if you're looking to launch a career whether it's public or private, it's important to do your homework.

Most, not all, but most 200 hour courses either will emphasize on Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga- although in public studios most will permit you to offer both if you have a 200 hour certificate.  There are a handful of 300 hour courses which add an enriched 100 hours that may include therapeutics and other electives that can influence your next investments in training and CE.

For specified trainings in styles like Yin or Restorative for example, you will see varied lengths of trainings from 20 hours in 1 weekend to 50 hours over 1 week. Some upwards of 100 hours dependant on the facilitator and programming. 

Discerning the approach of the what and why is crucial as there's a vast smorgasbord of options that for someone fresh into the industry, it can be chaotic to say the least. Most RYT-200 programs are structured in one of the following formats: 1 Month intensives, 3 modules spaced out over 6 months or over 10-12 weekends. Yoga training traditionally was passed down to you by a guru that you solely studied under until they felt you were ready to be blessed with their lineage, whereas now it's definitely not the same principal. Who you decide to invest your time with as your teacher(s) and mentors/trainers will greatly stem from the why.

Although there are many places to train in Vancouver, I will definitely give a strong shout out to my 200 hour Trainer and still my mentor/friend to this day: Mike Nichols! Mike is an extremely genuine and sincere gentleman who specializes in the Vinyasa lineage of yoga.  He also incorporates the beauty of Yin yoga, science and bio mechanics in his curriculum which gives a well-rounded approach between the anatomical and energetic applications to practice.  His training is affordable and doesn't exceed more than 18 students per training and is offered on the weekends Friday-Sunday.

For more information on Mike's training, visit his website. His Spring 2017 starts in March and there are still spots available. 

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Hiiro Prince puts an emphasis on an unconventional, nurturing, healing, honest, liberating, laughter-filled, down to Earth practice. His unique fusion of therapeutic restorative and yin:yang incorporates a gentle, dynamic, intuitive, hands-on approach.  He always sees the yoga mat as raw blank canvas, a creative playground like an open artist studio – except it’s a yoga studio!

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