Entrepreneurs in Health and Fitness was founded on the belief that when wellness entrepreneurs support one another, everybody benefits.


In 2016, our founder Nadya Pecherskaya noticed there were lots of places in Vancouver for entrepreneurs to gather and lots of places for health-seekers to gather, but there wasn't anywhere specifically for health, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs to connect with one another.

Since then, we have hosted over 40 in-person events that have brought our community leaders to learn business strategies from industry experts, receive feedback on their business challenges, and most importantly, build lasting relationships with one another.

Here at EHF we value:


Rather than viewing others doing similar work as competitors, we prefer to see our peers as collaborative partners. We adopt an abundance mindset and believe there's more than enough room for everybody at the table.


We aim to keep our community inclusive, welcoming wellness entrepreneurs from all levels and backgrounds into our spaces. We also celebrate those who are doing their part to make the wellness space more accessible to marginalized populations.


We believe that if you have an itch to make a difference in the world, it's your responsibility to act upon that impulse. Every single individual on this planet has something special the world needs, and it's up to us to make sure that magic reaches the people who need it.


Building a successful business is one thing...having fun while doing it and creating a life you love in the process is another! We understanding growing a business has its challenges, but we also believe that enjoying what you do is the key to longevity and consistency.

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