Entrepreneurs in Health and Fitness was founded on the belief that when wellness entrepreneurs support one another, everybody benefits.


Founded in 2016, EHF is Vancouver's main hub for health, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs. We connect practitioners from all disciplines and all walks of life through our online community, in-person events, and business development programs. 

With over 40 events under our belts, including trade shows in 2017 and 2018 that brought together over 80 vendors and 400 attendees, we're constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to help our community expand their network and learn valuable skills for business so they can help the people who need them.

In 2020 we celebrated the launch of The Wellpreneur Academy, our online school for new entrepreneurs looking to turn their passions for wellness into purposeful, profitable businesses.

2017 Health Crawl

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Meet the Team

Ariana Fotinakis, CEO

Ariana is a coach, breathwork practitioner, and the owner of EHF. She played a supporting role in EHF's early years and co-organized 2017's and 2018's Health Crawl. In 2018 she joined Nadya Pecherskaya as partner, and in 2019 she took over full ownership of the company. 

After 10 years of struggling with addiction, Ariana got sober in 2012 and had fitness to thank for that. Recognizing the transformative power movement could have on one's self-esteem, Ariana started her own personal training business in 2013. She went on to serve 100s of individuals across the globe through in-person and online coaching, workshops, and events. 

Ariana believes that every single person on this planet has something the world needs, and that when we take good care of ourselves we're better-equipped to share those gifts. In 2017 she expanded her services to include coaching and consulting services to other wellness entrepreneurs, recognizing that by helping the helpers, she could make an even bigger impact than she already had. 

When Ariana's not coaching, teaching, or writing, you can most likely find her in the North Shore mountains with her dog, Lucy. 


Courtney Burns, Community Manager

Courtney is an aspiring wellness entrepreneur who joined the EHF team in March 2020, taking on the role of creating social media content and keeping our online community engaged.

However, she's been a member of the community long before taking on an official role. Through attending events and connecting with people online, she slowly began learning about the world that entrepreneurs live in. 

Courtney has worked with children for many years, but noticed she had a huge passion for being creative in new and innovative ways. Courtney loves connecting with people who not only dream, but live their dreams. This is why she LOVES the EHF community so much. 

Courtney is a creative soul who loves writing and is obsessed with Astrology and all things spirituality. She believes that personal development, travel and being part of a supportive community can change your life. 

Courtney is also a Reiki healer, a writer and as she likes to say “a girl on a mission who is here to live her Bravely Beautiful life.”

Here at EHF we value:


Rather than viewing others doing similar work as competitors, we prefer to see our peers as collaborative partners. We adopt an abundance mindset and believe there's more than enough room for everybody at the table.


We aim to keep our community inclusive, welcoming wellness entrepreneurs from all levels and backgrounds into our spaces. We also celebrate those who are doing their part to make the wellness space more accessible to marginalized populations.


We believe that if you have an itch to make a difference in the world, it's your responsibility to act upon that impulse. Every single individual on this planet has something special the world needs, and it's up to us to make sure that magic reaches the people who need it.


Building a successful business is one thing...having fun while doing it and creating a life you love in the process is another! We understanding growing a business has its challenges, but we also believe that enjoying what you do is the key to longevity and consistency.

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