CBD for Entrepreneurs - Boost Your Productivity and Confidence While Lowering Stress

wellness Dec 09, 2019

Most entrepreneurs know just how important their own personal well-being is when it comes to running a successful business. Your personal health becomes a direct reflection of the health and success of your business and vice versa. This can quickly become a dangerous game to play for the long-term since it can quickly result in burnout. However, there is a solution and it could be a simpler answer than you would think: CBD oil. 

CBD oil is helping numerous entrepreneurs with a few key things. It can help busy people overcome stress and anxiety, which can result in higher focus and productivity. It can also help you remain grounded when things get hectic. In addition, CBD oil can help with things that you would not necessarily expect. For example, it can help you be more at ease in social situations like networking events and public speaking. In this article, we dive deeper into how CBD can help support you in those critical moments.


CBD for Stress and Anxiety  

The lifestyle of an entrepreneur can often be glamoured on social media. However, most of you know that entrepreneurship can come with a whole bunch of additional stress over a corporate 9-5 job and is not necessarily as fun as influencers make it look. For example, the lack of a solid routine can also mean that you are working 60-80 hour weeks and are finding less time for yourself and for your family. When you don’t find the time to take care of the things that matter most, you can quickly start running on empty and begin experiencing fatigue.

When schedules get crazy and hectic, CBD oil can help bring things back into balance, not just within your body but also within your mind. CBD oil can help you with stress and anxiety which are so closely linked. Chronic stress can even contribute to anxiety over a longer period of time. The great thing about CBD is that it can help to bring balance back into the system by regulating the stress hormone cortisol and preventing it from getting too high which can result in burnout. 

CBD oil can also help to promote a night of more restful sleep, thus boosting energy levels, by regulating the sleep hormone melatonin. Therefore, by proactively managing the stress response, you can prevent stress from getting the best of you. In addition, by promoting relaxation, you can also manage your energy levels to prevent fatigue, and jump out of bed in the morning ready to start the day on a full tank. 


CBD for Productivity and Focus 

You are your greatest asset and when it comes to the well-being of your business, it depends solely on you and your ability to work effectively. We know that productivity, focus, and concentration are problems that are increasingly common in our distracted society. These can also contribute to a decrease in performance, thus negatively affecting your business. Luckily, CBD oil can help! 

CBD oil has been shown to boost brain function, memory, processing, attention, and cognitive abilities by activating certain regions of the brain. In addition, CBD oil has been shown to possess neuroprotective properties by stimulating neurogenesis. This means that damaged neurons become more quickly replaced by healthy new ones. Neurons can become damaged from chronic stress, emotional trauma, and head injuries. 

Also, as we mentioned previously, chronic stress can be a major factor in the inability to focus or concentrate on work. By lowering stress and anxiety and boosting energy levels, CBD can help bring balance back into the body. Therefore, you can get into the zone and do the things that need to get done in order to move forward in your business and reach your goals. 


CBD for Networking and Public Speaking 

A major component of being an entrepreneur involves attending events or hosting talks with the intention of networking to grow your business. However, the very thought of doing this can quickly bring up feelings of anxiety in some people. The good news is that CBD oil can help without any psychoactive effects. This can be even more helpful for those entrepreneurs who are more introverted since it can help put you at ease when it comes to socializing.

CBD oil has been shown to lower the symptoms of social anxiety by increasing the blood flow and activity in certain regions of the brain. Not only does this help people feel better at the moment, but it also changes the way the brain responds to anxiety by regenerating neurons in a specific portion of the brain. Further, the longer you take CBD oil the greater the effects can be. Therefore, this can be applied to social situations like networking events and public speaking which are sometimes necessary.



We covered a wide range of different topics in this article, but what they really come down to is that we need to prioritize our own health and well-being first and foremost so that we can function at our very best. When we carve time out for ourselves we can lower our stress levels. CBD oil can be a great tool for helping us do just that with a number of other health benefits. We also suggest putting routines into place and scheduling time for yourself to eat healthy, work-out, spend time with friends and allow your mind to take a break. 

Interested to give CBD oil a try for yourself? We suggest getting started with our flagship Aphrodite product in the 10 mL size. We love this product since it comes in a smaller bottle size making it super convenient to take with you throughout the day. It also comes with a pleasant nutty hemp taste that we are confident you will enjoy!


About The Author 

Nadya is a wellness entrepreneur and holistic nutritionist. She loves supporting busy female professionals by motivating them to put themselves first for optimal health and well-being. Nadya is also the founder of the local community in Vancouver called Entrepreneurs in Health and Fitness. Her latest venture is CBD oil under the brand ICARIA. Once she discovered the numerous health benefits that CBD oil offered she quickly fell in love with it and knew that she simply had to share this secret weapon with other women!

Instagram: https://instagram.com/icaria.co

Website: https://icaria.co




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