EHF community is a group of entrepreneurs whose passion and work lies in making the world healthier. EHF community is a tribe of professionals that are a part of each other’s journey of building a successful health business or practice.

Number one goal of EHF community is to facilitate an open, friendly atmosphere where our members feel supported, understood, heard and acknowledged. At our gatherings and events we strive to create a safe environment for the participants to make them feel that they can be their true authentic selves, that they can open up and share their experiences, challenges and passions.

Second goal of EHF community is to provide business education that is applicable and relevant to wellness entrepreneurs. Health and fitness professionals are specialists in their field but it doesn’t necessarily make them good business people. For that reason, EHF community puts a lot of emphasis on business education, anything from speakers and business coaches at the events and gatherings to online materials and webinars.

If you are looking for a strong, supportive community of wellness entrepreneurs, this is it! There are plenty of ways to participate, check out our events, membership programs and partnership opportunities. Also join our Facebook group and like our Facebook page to stay up to date.