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Let's gather together again to connect with each other and learn from the successes of our fellow health and fitness entrepreneurs at our next EHF Vancouver event. 

We are happy to welcome Mark Groves as a speaker to teach us about the best ways to build and transform business relationships. Mark is a Human Connection Specialist - an emotional translator, writer, speaker and coach. He’s in love with science, psychology, and uncovering the mysteries of what makes great relationships work. Mark has a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and has written for The Purple Fig, Plenty of Fish, Goodmen Project and Trifecta Magazine. When he’s not working with clients you’ll find him traveling the globe, playing in the mountains and ocean, or pretty much anything that gets his heart beating in the paradise that is Vancouver, BC. 
Mark has recently organized a successful conference
'Masters of the Universe Summit' and is eager to share his insights with our group. You can find more information about Mark on his website or his facebook page .

We are gathering at the bright, spacious, beautiful space called Stretch, which is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver. Tea, water and healthy snacks will be provided. 

We look forward to building a healthy community together!