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Honest Entrepreneurship - How to Take Your Ideas to the Marketplace

We’re happy to announce EHF’s 11th Networking event, an opportunity to connect with fellow wellness entrepreneurs and learn from our speaker April Bellia, founder of Vancouver based company Granola Girl.

April is deeply passionate about startups in the food and wellness industry and eager to share what she’s learned with you. April will share the challenges and struggles she’s faced growing her business to the success that it is today, so that you can save time, energy, and resources as you navigate growing your own business. April will discuss varies topics and give you the advice she learned in year 3-4 that she wished she had known in Year 1.

More about Granola Girl
Granola Girl was founded in 2011 by April Bellia. An entrepreneur with a baking background, she grew the company, despite being in a competitive field, to now service over 250 grocery stores in Western Canada. Granola Girl has also recently launched the Granola Girl Foundation which is a fundraising platform to provide scholarships for kids in the areas of girl empowerment and entrepreneurship.

 Find out more about Granola Girl by following their website and social media pages!

 April is excited to not only share her advice with you but also open up the conversation and answer any questions you may be struggling with while growing your business. So come prepared to learn lots and meet some fellow hustlers!