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Grow Your Wellness Business Using Workshops, Seminars and Speaking Engagements

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Think about this for a second…imagine spending 25+ hours making a 30-minute sales presentation of your amazing products and services to 50 potential new clients or…spending 30 minutes presenting to 50 inspired prospects at the same time.

This is the beauty of one-on-many vs. one-on-one. You are able to make a bigger impact in a shorter time, while building more credibility and growing your business significantly!

Providing real world examples of what has worked and hasn’t worked along his path as a speaker, coach and facilitator, Dustin will deliver a fun and engaging presentation filled with insights and tools you can use immediately to grow your wellness business using workshops, seminars and speaking engagements.

Hint, hint…even if you don’t ever want to “get on stage,” you can use the same techniques and strategies for webinars and online presentations!

Speaker – Dustin Hogan

Dustin Hogan is a highly sought out speaker, trainer and coach who is the Founder of The Rock Star Academy - A transformational system of experiential events, coaching and accountability designed for seekers, dreamers and entrepreneurs who want to create transformation in all areas of life!

Years spent DJing for crowds of 2000+, to building several successful passion-based businesses, to being highly influential with TEDx, Dustin’s unique background ensures he leaves audiences inspired and ready to take action!

Over the last 2 years Dustin has made the speaking business his life! From running his own successful workshops and seminars, to speaking on other people’s stages, to coaching multiple speakers for TEDxStanleyPark, Dustin understands the ins and outs of using speaking to explode your business and your credibility!

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