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Increase Your Profits Not Your Hours: The Entrepreneur's Dilemma

  • RYU Apparel 1745 W 4th Ave Vancouver (map)

It's no secret... all of us are confused by the fast-evolving world of social media and web-savvy consumers. The days of working an 8-hour work day is the holy grail for many professionals, though very few ever achieve it. Instead, many of us find we need 13 to 16 hours a day to just ‘catch up’. Sound familiar? Do you wish there was a better way? Instead of simply trading dollars for hours, what if you could leverage online tools and an already captive audience to supplement your existing business? By attending this presentation you'll learn a variety of ideas and strategies to do just that.

About Dai Manuel

Helping to build an 8-figure fitness retail business along with 10-years of growing a global online personal brand, Dai Manuel offers a unique perspective on business today. A 20+ year career which can be marked as a published author, digital strategist, keynote speaker, lifestyle/performance coach, and award-winning blogger… but Dai’s favorite title to date is Dad of 2, and husband of 1, who is forever dating his wife.

What should you expect from the seminar?

Personal trainers, fitness instructors along with studio and club owners absolutely love what they do. However, seemingly endless hours of working in the business prevents them from looking at the business from the outside-in. We expect things to just ‘flow’ and our customers to ‘just get it’, from which business happens. But when things just don’t seem to happen the way they used to or how we expected it to go, we presume throwing dollars at marketing will help. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee the result they’re after. Trust, authority, value add, and community are 4 key components necessary to help health-based brands gain the momentum necessary to go from doing ok to doing fantastic!

*All the net proceeds will go to Grind for Kids charity

** Graphic's credit OSG Photography