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The Introverted Entrepreneur: Learn how to build on your strengths and create a successful business

Join EHF’s 10th Networking Event with our featured speaker Faris Khalifeh, who is going to talk about how you can amplify your strengths as an introvert and grow your health and fitness business in an extroverted industry.

  • Do you feel like your wellness business effectiveness is somehow hindered by your temperament?
  • Do you feel pressured to go against your authentic self to get recognised?
  • Do you feel overshadowed by your gregarious health and fitness competitors?
  • Are you overlooked for business opportunities because of your quiet nature?

A very high percentage of entrepreneurs are introverts, yet the business world often favour the extrovert, the outspoken, bold and assertive. This is especially true for those of us working in the health and fitness industry where high energy, outgoing personalities are in abundance. While many studies have shown that introverts make great entrepreneurs and leaders, it can feel difficult to lead in this often competitive industry of extroverts.

In his talk Faris will illustrate how you don't have to be loud to be a great leader, and you can be impactful by being soft-spoken, quiet and gentle.

This talk is for extroverts as well, as they can gain valuable insight into the introvert's world, allowing them to understand and work more effectively with their introverted clients and community.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Expose some introvert myths
  2. Maximize your potential as an introvert
  3. Strategies that help introverts get more influence in an extroverted world
  4. Understanding of both personality types which enables you to be a better entrepreneur
  5. How to close the communication gap between introverts and extroverts

About the speaker: Faris is a Quiet Leadership Coach, named among the Top Six Life Coaches in Vancouver by Crowd Wellness. Before becoming a coach, he was engaged in the corporate world serving clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His experience spans industries including education, hospitality, FMCG and automobiles. Faris serves on the Board of Directors for the International Coach Federation (ICF) and teaches at various institutions including Rhodes Wellness College and Spring Activator. He is the founder of Vancouver Quiet Leadership Meetup, which is one of the fastest growing and the only leadership group dedicated to introvert personality types in British Columbia.

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