Let's Talk Clients

We will have a panel of 3 Wellness Professionals - a personal trainer (Ariana Fotinakis) , a nutritionist (Erika Weissenborn), and a chiropractor (Dr. Jeff Almon). They talk about clients. How to find new ones, how to find the right ones, how to keep them, how to deliver the best service, and how to connect with them.


Building Your Brand and Your Community

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Danielle Wiebe, founder of Vanity Business Babes and Business Babes Co. give us actionable steps and easy tips to follow in order to create a personal or business brand. She explains the importance of creating a community and a following around your brand and business and teach us how to do that both online and offline. Danielle covered the topic of building strong authentic business relationships, as she believes that it is the base of building your business.


Honest Entrepreneurship

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April, the founder of Granola Girl, shares the challenges and struggles she’s faced growing her business to the success that it is today, so that you can save time, energy, and resources as you navigate growing your own business. She discusses various topics and give you the advice she learned in year 3-4 that she wished she had known in Year 1.


Kavisha Jega and Olivia Sari-Goerlach created an interactive workshop where they taught us on how to take our Instagram to the next level! It’s so easy to get caught up comparing ourselves to all the beautiful images on instagram and feeling like our images are less than optimal. It’s also hard to know, when taking our photos, what angle looks best, how to get the right lighting, or even how to edit at the end. Luckily, Kavisha and Olivia have the experience and expertise to get you on track. Here is Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2 of of the workshop!


The Introverted Entrepreneur


In his talk Faris, founder of Quiet Leadership, will illustrate how you don't have to be loud to be a great leader, and you can be impactful by being soft-spoken, quiet and gentle. This talk is for extroverts as well, as they can gain valuable insight into the introvert's world, allowing them to understand and work more effectively with their introverted clients and community.


Workshop - Transform Your Website Into A Marketing Hub

Pivot & Pilot Creative is a digital marketing agency in Gastown that specializes in branding, website design & video marketing. Founders Alejandro Quinteros, Rebecca Rochon and their team of designers, developers, videographers and marketing experts have worked with dozens of small, local businesses to give them the web presence they deserve. In this workshop we will guide you through ways to simplify your website’s UX design, set up customer touch points & reach your audience through your site. Slideshow here! 


How To Build A Company That Profits With A Purpose

From bootstrapping her first business and then selling it, to scaling up her second business with venture capital, local entrepreneur, Annalea Krebs has seen it all. She is the founder of Social Nature. In this talk she opens up about the highs and lows of running a mission based company, and shares what keeps her inspired to profit with purpose.


Building Your Brand On Authenticity

Zach and Ryan, founders of The Juice Truck talks about making Juice Truck a well known brand in Vancouver, best marketing practices for your wellness business and building and keeping your brand authentic.